Personal Safety Rooms

Safe, hygienic and resilient padded surfaces for protection against injury


For use in:


  • Correctional Facilities

  • Police Stations

  • Court Houses

  • Remand Centres

  • Juvenile Detention Centres

  • Special Purpose Health Facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Mental Health Units

  • Emergency Departments

  • Secure Environments

For the protection of:


  • Self harm patients or inmates

  • Violent detainees

  • Alcohol or drug affected detainees

  • Staff, others and environment

Wall pads are fixed with construction adhesive and nailed or screwed to a wall through the pad using the timber backing board as a fixing plate.  Each sheet edge receives a coating of urethane before the next pad is fixed in place.  This provides a virtually seamless finish.

Door frames, windows, inspection hatches and wall pads, where necessary, have a special 45 degree angle fillet fitted.  All exposed or wide joins receive special two part resin filling.

Once cured all surfaces are sanded and then painted with Gold Medal special urethane Top Coat.  The finished room is completely sealed and virtually seamless.

To ensure the quality and integrity of Gold Medal Safety Padding is maintained, installers must have undertaken specific training and achieved "Approved Installer Classification".  


Rooms can be used within 36 hours of installation.

Safe Use and Care

Whenever a person is placed in a Personal Safety Room they should have undergone a complete body search and not have any items on them that can be used to cause damage to the padding such as belts, shoes, etc.  Ultimately they would be placed in the room in only undergarments and a gown.

After a room has been used a visual check must be carried out to identify any signs of damage that may have been inflicted during it's occupation.  Any damage should be reported and repaired immediately to prevent further, possibly serious, damage.

Gold Medal Safety Padding is completely water and fungus resistant, therefore it can be hosed off, cleaned with any type of detergent and can be scrubbed with soft nylon brushes, without affecting its performance.

Anti-bacterial wipes are a suitable way of cleaning the room frequently without the requirement of introducing water.  If the floor of the room has a drain fitted, ensure that the drain is clear.  Standing water must be dried off using a dry mop after cleaning.  Never allow water to stand on the product.


A standard and easy to follow set of instructions is left at each installation with a repair kit which includes Part A, Part B and Paint.  This allows the repairs to be carried out by on site maintenance crews cutting down dramatically on time and cost for repairs.

We recommend that each room has an annual inspection to ensure all seams and finishes are in order.

Gold Medal Safety Padding has not had to carry out any major repairs to any of our Australian Personal Safety Rooms since beginning installations in July 1998.

This demonstrates significant savings in repair and down time costs that have normally been associated with "Padded Rooms" and more than justifies the initial cost outlay.

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