Personal Safety Rooms

Safe, hygienic and resilient padded surfaces for protection against injury.

Gold Medal Safety Padding is a tough, resilient padding system providing maximum safety with minimal maintenance that has been used in Personal Safety Rooms and Seclusion rooms around the world for the last 40 years. 


It is used extensively throughout Police, Correctional and Medical Institutions for the safe keeping of those persons who, through drug or behavioural problems, are assessed to be at risk of causing harm to themselves or others, or be destructive to their surroundings.

  • Gold Medal Safety Padding will never need to be replaced

  • Completely fire resistant and self extinguishing

  • Easily cleaned

  • Fungus and moisture resistant

  • Virtually seamless

  • No ligature points

  • Can be fabricated into any shape room 

  • Highly resilient to damage

  • Smooth non-slip surface

  • Manufactured specifically for each application

  • Improved safety and hygiene for patients, prisoners and staff

For use in:

  • Correctional Facilities

  • Police Stations

  • Court Houses

  • Remand Centres

  • Juvenille Detention Centres

  • Special Purpose Health Facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Emergency Departments

  • Mental Health Units


For the protection of:

  • Self harm patients or inmates

  • Violent detainees

  • ​Alcohol or drug affected detainees

  • Staff, others and environment

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